DIPD celebrates the 5th Anniversary of its Myanmar Programme

DIPD celebrates the 5th Anniversary of its Myanmar Programme

by DIPD on August 7, 2017

The year 2017 is a special year for DIPD’s programme in Myanmar. This year we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of DIPD Myanmar – the Myanmar Multiparty Democracy Programme. On 26 May 2012, the DIPD board formally approved its engagement in Myanmar and over the past five years, the programme has blossomed into a forum for dialogue, a knowledge hub and a democracy assistance provider for political parties in Myanmar.

It was a historic visit when Thura U Shwe Mann, the former Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament of Myanmar, came to Denmark in May 2012 together with a parliamentary delegation. The visit of Thura U Shwe Mann presented DIPD with an opportunity to start working in Myanmar as the country had just started its democratic transition process. In line with DIPD’s mandate and guiding principles of inclusivity, DIPD held broad consultations with political parties across the political rainbow, including members of parliament, chairs of parliamentary committees, presidential advisers, civil society organisations and think-tanks and finally also other donor organisations working with democracy issues in Myanmar.

On 26 July 2017, MMDP marked its 5th Year Anniversary. Among the audience were the Danish Ambassador to Myanmar, Members of the Yangon Region Sub Election Commission, political party leaders and friends and colleagues from local and international partner organisations. In his speech, Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen stressed the necessity of cooperation among the political parties to find solutions in developing democratic culture and the development of multi-party democracy in Myanmar. The Ambassador also urged increased participation of women in political parties and the peace process in Myanmar.

Ambassador Hansen proudly said, “Five years later a lot things have changed. In Myanmar, we’ve seen very successful elections and now starting a new phase of the transition process. DIPD has also learned a lot and followed the road of Myanmar and I am convinced that DIPD is making a very positive contribution to the development of multi-party democracy in Myanmar.”

Zar Chi Lynn from Union Solidarity and Development Party shared her experience “I have joined many trainings, dialogues and seminars supported by DIPD and I found their youth program particularly useful […] I wish DIPD for many successful years head and for their continued support in Myanmar’s democratisation process.”

“As a member of Myanmar Press Council, I coordinate with DIPD on a number of issues. I would say our country’s transition has been in turmoil but with the support of organisation like DIPD I think we can move faster in the process.” U Thiha Saw remarked.

Finally, Cheery Zahau said that “[…] It is very much needed initiative in Myanmar and we, as political party members, should continue to deepen our engagement with MMDP.”

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